Who we are

LUXOR is a brand of Aptco Technologies, a manufacturer of measurement instruments and testing equipment for academic and industrial QC and research labs.

The LUXOR sputter devices are designed and manufactured in-house by our engineering and production department in Germany. Together with a dedicated team of distributors, we are close to our customers all over the world.

Apart from LUXOR, other Aptco Technologies brands are Fontijne Presses, Escil and Porometer.

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At LUXOR, we believe that the best and most reliable metal coating for electron microscope applications can be done differently. With smart technology and innovative design.

We believe that innovation and smart design thinking should be accessible for every user. That is why we build a series of highly advanced, fully automated metal coaters meant for high-resolution imaging and microanalysis.

Our customers can therefore expect faultless, uninterrupted operation as well as fast and consistent results.

Our mission is to make SEM coating smart and easy. For every user.

Part of Aptco Group

Aptco Technologies is part of Aptco Group, an international technology group of companies active in the distribution, manufacturing, servicing and calibration of scientific instruments and equipment for industrial, medical and academic laboratories.

France Scientifique and Benelux Scientific, also members of the Aptco Group, are active in the distribution of materials analysis and characterization technologies. Other members include Sopachem, GrafiMedics and Calibration Lab. Sopachem offers materials for life sciences, biobanking and diagnostics, while GrafiMedics is targeted towards the medical sector. Calibration Lab focuses on calibration services.

Aptco Technologies’ and Aptco Group’s headquarters and warehouses are based in Belgium. We have direct sales offices in the USA and in China as well as a large network of local distributors.