We are constantly on the lookout to develop new accessories that cover special applications. If you have some ideas about new accessories or functionalities that you would like to see implemented on our products, please do not hesitate to share them with us.

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Standard sample preparation station

The LUXOR standard sample preparation station is delivered as a standard accessory with every LUXORAu or LUXORPt metal coater.

It can simultaneously hold up to 7 x Ø 12.5 mm or 3 x Ø 25 mm stubs for metal coating. It is an easily accessible sample preparation table with 3 elastomer feet that also acts as the lid for the coating reactor.

Sample holder for mounted/embedded samples

The LUXOR sample holder for mounted/embedded samples can hold all types of samples that are mounted or embedded into resins with diameter ranging from 25 mm to 40 mm and height from 10 mm to 50 mm.

LUXOR gold target

Gold target Ø 30 mm, thickness 100 µm (99,999% purity) for use with both LUXORAu and LUXORPt

LUXOR platinum target

Platinum target Ø 30 mm, thickness 100 µm (99,999% purity) for use with LUXORPt