The LUXORPt is a highly innovative, fully automated sputtering device which applies a fine grain platinum or gold coating from 1 to 100 nm thickness.

LUXOR’s unique A² technology assures that the gold or platinum is sprayed in a highly controlled and precise manner, resulting in an extremely uniform, thin and homogeneous coating.

This allows your scanning electron microscope to show the best possible image quality.

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Thanks to the sputter coater’s advanced design, a turbomolecular pump – traditionally a complicated and vulnerable part of any high resolution platinum coater – is no longer needed. Instead, the LUXORPt uses an efficient and robust dual stage pump.

The LUXORPt sputter metal coater is mostly used for (FEG)SEM imaging applications up to 1000000x magnification where sample charging is an issue. The LUXORPt ensures coating of SEM samples with only a few nanometers of platinum or gold with extremely small grain size. This results in crisp, clear SEM images.

The sputter coater is designed to improve secondary electron emission, allowing the microscope’s detectors to pick up more high resolution imaging details. Finally, the reduced beam penetration improves edge resolution and prevents sensitive samples from being damaged.

With its advanced specifications and features, the LUXORPt offers high productivity and is remarkably easy to use.



Research and field tests demonstrate that the LUXORPt generates exceptionally homogeneous platinum and gold coatings compared to other platinum coating devices, while only using a robust dual stage pump. Moreover, our A² technology ensures that the coating results are consistent over a very long period of time.


Thanks to its user friendly touchscreen interface, the coating process can be started in just a few clicks.


The LUXORPt processes your samples – up to six in one go – in a fast and reliable manner, enabling maximum productivity.


Your scanning electron microscope is optimally protected, as the unique ‘upside down’ design of the LUXORPt makes sure that loose particles will be removed during the coating process. This way, your SEM is optimally protected.


Despite its small footprint and sleek appearance, the LUXORPt is a robust, sturdy device, designed to be used intensively and run hassle-free for many years.

Features and specifications

  • Pt or Au coating with air or argon
  • Maximum capacity: 7 x Ø 12.5 mm or 3 x Ø 25 mm stubs
  • Average coating time: 4 – 5 minutes (based on resp. 2 nm or 4 nm platinum coating)
  • Average coating time: 5 minutes (based on a 10 nm gold coating)
  • Vacuum & drying modes
  • Low energy dual stage pump
  • Vacuum & drying modes: 7 Pa to 150 Pa (continuously selectable)
  • Au/Pt layer thickness: 1 to 100 nm (continuously selectable)
  • Process time: 1 to 600 minutes (continuously selectable)
  • Process chamber: Borosilicate glass Ø 100 mm x 150 mm height
  • Implosion shield: PET Ø 120 mm x 150 mm height
  • Vacuum connector: DN 16 KF
  • Gas supply: Air or argon (0,6 bar)
  • Dimensions: 340 x 340 x 290 (mm, W x D x H)
  • Weight: 12,5 kg
Vacuum pump
  • Can be ordered separately as “pump kit” including
  • Two-stage roughing-pump with a pump capacity of 4.8 m³/h
  • Metal vacuum hose, DN 16 KF, length 1 m
  • 2 x fittings and 2 x seals DN 16 KF
  • 1 x oil mist filter