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At LUXOR, we believe that the best and most reliable metal coating for electron microscope applications can be done differently. With smart technology and innovative design. Innovation and smart design should be accessible for every user.

The LUXORPt sputter metal coater is mostly used for (FEG)SEM imaging applications up to 1.000.000x magnification where sample charging is an issue.


Superior coating resolution
Research and field tests demonstrate that the LUXORPt generates exceptionally homogeneous platinum and gold coatings compared to other platinum coating devices, while only using a robust dual stage pump. Moreover, our A² technology ensures that the coating results are consistent over a very long period of time.

Advanced user interface
Thanks to its user friendly touchscreen interface, the coating process can be started in just a few clicks.

The LUXOR Pt metal coater processes your samples – up to six in one go – in a fast and reliable manner, enabling maximum productivity.


SEM protection
Your scanning electron microscope is optimally protected, as the unique ‘upside down’ design of the LUXORPt makes sure that loose particles will be removed during the coating process. This way, your SEM is optimally protected.

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